St. Martin Incredible Insects Crossword!

  1. 1. It’s named after a fire-breathing beast, but lives near ponds, streams and puddles.
  2. 5. This busy insect collects nectar from flowers.
  3. 7. What comes between the egg and the butterfly?
  4. 9. What’s like a butterfly, but flies at night?
  5. 10. This colorful insect has beautiful wings!
  1. 2. This insect makes a beautiful light at night!
  2. 3. This flying insect can use its sting to hunt–or defend its nest.
  3. 4. It lives in a colony and can carry many times its own body weight!
  4. 6. This super-jumper makes a buzzing sound by rubbing its legs or wings together.
  5. 8. This one can give you a really itchy bite!