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St. Martin Proverbs: Animals, Agriculture & Nature

  1. 5. Long run for this kind of goat
  2. 7. You can’t clean this for monkey to run on
  3. 8. In a pasture where they fight, no grass grows
  4. 10. You will never see its behind until wind blows
  5. 13. Don’t put the cart in front of him
  6. 14. One rotten mango does this to the bunch
  7. 16. Never put a monkey to watch these
  8. 17. Where horse reach, he reach too
  1. 1. Your own will bite the hardest
  2. 2. They don’t fall far from the tree
  3. 3. Never cut down the one that gives you shade
  4. 4. Every dog has his day, and every one of these his Saturday
  5. 5. He knows what tree to jump on
  6. 6. What sweetens his mouth sours his behind
  7. 8. They have no business in fowl party
  8. 9. Birds of a feather do this together
  9. 11. Who want calico have to hoe this
  10. 12. Tall trees catch much of this
  11. 15. You must look for black ones before dark
  12. 16. One in your hand is worth one hundred in the bushes