St. Martin Sea Life

  1. 3. It’s related to the shark, and defends itself with a venomous barb or spine in its tail
  2. 4. These playful sea mammals are thought to be some of the smartest animals on the planet
  3. 6. One of the three kinds of sea turtles that usually nest on St. Martin’s beaches
  4. 8. Its smooth body is shaped like a bell, and trails stinging tentacles to stun its prey
  5. 9. They have tentacles, squirt ink, and communicate by changing the color and pattern of their skin
  6. 10. They live on the sea bed, and have five arms with an eye spot at the end of each one
  1. 1. Colonies of these teeny tiny animals build our beautiful reefs
  2. 2. These sea creatures are super smart, and have one beak, two bulgy eyes, and eight long arms
  3. 5. The songs of these huge marine mammals can travel for miles under the sea
  4. 7. These hard-shelled creatures have a big, muscular tail–but on St. Martin, they don’t have front pincers