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St. Martin Traditional Agriculture Crossword

  1. 3. This fruit from tropical West Africa arrived in the Caribbean in the 1700s, and it’s especially beloved in Jamaica.
  2. 5. A native tree that produces distinctive sweet-and-sour tasting fruit, and leaves that are used in bush tea.
  3. 6. An African grain that grows quickly, even in heat and dry weather. It can be prepared many ways–even popped like popcorn!
  4. 8. This starchy root vegetable was brought to the Caribbean long ago by Amerindian people. Its leaves can also be eaten.
  5. 9. This large, refreshing fruit came originally from Africa, and is now loved throughout the world.
  1. 1. Amerindians cultivated this ancient root crop. It’s still grown on St. Martin today, and pounded in Gaïac wood mortars.
  2. 2. The main crop for Amerindians in the Caribbean. A bread made from its bitter version can stay good for months!
  3. 4. These big, bright fruits have fed generations of Caribbean people, from Amerindian times on. Used locally in curry and soup!
  4. 7. On St. Martin, this special native fruit is traditionally used to flavor rum, jam and tarts for Christmas time.