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Star Distance, Galaxies and the Universe Quiz Review

  1. 2. This is about 13.7 billion years old
  2. 4. This is responsible for the expansion of the Universe
  3. 7. Makes up only 4-5% of the 'stuff' in the universe. We can see it.
  4. 8. Name for the beginning of the universe
  5. 10. Symbol for a barred spiral galaxy with tight arms
  6. 11. spiral galaxies with elongated central bulges
  7. 13. Most galaxies show this type of shift
  8. 15. This has a gravitational pull but cannot be seen
  9. 18. Galaxy with little dust and gas; old stars.
  10. 19. A star moving toward the Earth shows this type of shift in its color spectrum
  1. 1. Red shift and blue shift are due to the ________ effect
  2. 3. Galaxy type not on Hubble's tuning fork diagram
  3. 5. The Milky Way and about 40 other galaxies belong to the
  4. 6. A type of star that varies in luminosity that can be used to find star distance
  5. 9. The expansion of the universe is
  6. 12. Scientist that discovered galaxies moving away from us and the universe is expanding
  7. 13. type of old main sequence stars
  8. 14. The apparent movement of an object when looking at it with different eyes
  9. 16. Diagram that helps categorize galaxy types
  10. 17. Galaxies with a central bulge and arms