Star Trek Animated Series Crossword

  1. 4. Studio that made this first Trek animated series.
  2. 7. She takes command when the men of the Enterprise are lured away.
  3. 9. Kirk and Spock are made to breathe this in ""The Ambergris Element".
  4. 10. Previous captain of the Enterprise, first seen in TAS.
  5. 11. Voice of Lt. Arex
  6. 12. Spock's pet, first seen in TAS.
  7. 14. The Enterprise, Klingons and others get trapped in this triangle.
  8. 16. Majel Barrett voiced this new character.
  9. 17. Spock uses this to meld with a cloud.
  10. 19. Plant aliens do this to Spock in "The Infinite Vulcan."
  11. 20. TAS episode showing Spock's childhood.
  12. 21. This author wrote several TOS and TAS episodes, provided voices for some characters, was in one of the movies and in a DS9 episodes.
  1. 1. McCoy's daughter.
  2. 2. The only regular TOS character that didn't appear in TAS.
  3. 3. Creator of all the shows.
  4. 5. A colony of tiny people.
  5. 6. Instead of reproducing, these grow in TAS.
  6. 8. The first one of these recreation rooms is featured, long before TNG.
  7. 13. The being Lucien has these type of powers in his universe.
  8. 15. In "Albatross," he is accused of starting a deadly plague.
  9. 16. He wreaks havoc on the ship with a love potion.
  10. 18. Another word for animated series.