Star Wars

  1. 1. a sarcastic blue and white droid that usually accompanies C-3PO
  2. 5. one who is neither on the dark side nor light, but in between
  3. 6. weapon used by Sith and Jedi
  4. 8. a magnificent pilot who is best friends with a droid and also admired General Organa
  5. 10. Darth Vader’s true identity
  6. 12. one who opposes and fights back against the Empire
  7. 14. princess of Alderaan and later became General of the rebel alliance
  8. 16. an ex-storm trooper who later became a rebel
  9. 17. a Wookiee that accompanies Han Solo
  10. 19. a golden droid that is constantly getting picked on
  1. 2. main base of operations for the Empire
  2. 3. a scavenger from Jakku
  3. 4. Han Solo’s ship
  4. 6. son of Darth Vader and brother to Leia Organa
  5. 7. light side force wielder
  6. 9. balances all living things in the galaxy
  7. 11. son of Leia and Han; aka Ben Solo
  8. 13. a smuggler/pilot who is best friends with a Wookiee
  9. 15. dark side force wielder
  10. 18. an orange and white droid that is aided by Rey and belongs to Poe Dameron