Star Wars

  1. 4. This guy turns evil when he gets older because he wants more power
  2. 5. This guy was a Stormtrooper but turned to the Resistance
  3. 9. This guy tried to train Anakin but didn’t manage to
  4. 13. The Empire built this for the First Order. It was sphere with a dip in the side
  5. 14. Luke Skywalker rides in this fighter ship
  6. 15. This guy was the son of Han-Solo and Leia and had the name of ‘Ben’
  7. 16. This guy is in a new series and looks like the clone fighters in movie two
  8. 17. This is the weapon of Jedi
  9. 18. This is the good side
  10. 20. This droid is owned by Padme and his friend was C3PO
  11. 21. This is the son of Anakin and Padme
  12. 22. This lady was married to Anakin and died in the third movie heartbroken because Anakin turned to the Dark Side
  1. 1. This is the the ship that Lando owned but Han Solo and Chewbacca won it
  2. 2. The mnemonic for this is All Terrain Armored Transport
  3. 3. This woman’s hair looks like cinnamon buns
  4. 6. This guy is like a big talking slug
  5. 7. This guy has four arms and Obi-Wan defeated him in the third movie
  6. 8. This is the guy was once Anakin
  7. 10. This droid is in the last three movies and Poe owned him
  8. 11. This dude dies at nine-hundred years of age
  9. 12. These people wear white and are part of the Empire army
  10. 19. This girl is the best Jedi and is the best at using the force