Star Wars

  1. 2. Darth Vader's chestpiece has some writing on it. What language is it in? Ancient _____
  2. 3. What is the Wookiee's home world?
  3. 8. What is the color of C-3PO's arm in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?
  4. 9. Who was the first character to speak in the first Star Wars film, A New Hope?
  5. 11. The Imperial Probe Droid was also known by another name?
  6. 13. In what system are Han and Leia before traveling to Bespin?
  7. 15. What was the job that Finn told Han Solo he had at Starkiller Base?
  8. 16. What were Luke's aunt and uncle's job on Tatooine? __ Farmers
  9. 17. What was Galen Erso's nickname for his daughter?
  10. 18. In which movie does the camera pan back up after the crawl of text? Episode __
  1. 1. What species is native to Endor and houses Madison's favorite character?
  2. 4. Where does Rey find Luke Skywalker?
  3. 5. How long was Han Solo frozen in carbonite? One ____
  4. 6. Where did the Clone Wars begin?
  5. 7. Which species stole the plans to the Death Star?
  6. 8. What species is Greedo?
  7. 10. How many Dewbacks were in the original 1977 theatrical cut of the first Star Wars movie?
  8. 12. In what month were all six original Star Wars films released?
  9. 14. Which is the first original theatrical movie where we actually see Jabba the Hutt? Episode __
  10. 15. Who was Anakin Skywalker's chief rival in the podrace?
  11. 17. How many languages is C-3PO fluent in? More than ___ million