Star Wars

  1. 3. What is the planet that Queen Amidala lives on?
  2. 5. What was the system Obi-wan told Luke that Yoda lived?
  3. 9. What is the Famous quote referencing the force.
  4. 13. What is the species that Jar Jar Binks is from?
  5. 14. Who in the pod race is the racer that attacks others but is beaten by Anakin?
  6. 15. Where did Luke tell Leia that there sibling?
  7. 17. When being threatened what is the planet the empire says they will destroy to the princess?
  8. 19. How long does it take for a Sarlacc to Digest?
  1. 1. What was the name of the Creature in Jabba’s pit?
  2. 2. Who was the new apprentice of the dark side in attack of the clones?
  3. 4. Who is Obi-Wan Kenobi teacher?
  4. 5. Who said these famous quote "No, I am you’re Father"
  5. 6. Who was the clone army created for?
  6. 7. What were the names Padme gave her two children?
  7. 8. Who did the voice of Darth Vader?
  8. 10. What was the name of the ice planet at the beginning of Empire strikes back?
  9. 11. What is the significance C3PO, R2-D2, Yoda, and Palpatine do they represent?
  10. 12. Who is the Bounty Hunter that tracks Han and gang?
  11. 16. What where the little fuzzy bears called?
  12. 18. What year was Revenge of the sith the highest-grossing film?