Star Wars

  1. 4. What name did anakin call one of the racers while getting ready for the pod race?
  2. 6. Who was the jedi youngling that was the last out of the ice cave when searching for his lightsaber crystal?
  3. 7. When the ewoks meet c3po what do they think he is?
  4. 10. Leia is adopted and taken where?
  5. 12. The name of master plo-koon's second in command.
  6. 13. What was the name of the clone who found out the plans for order 66?
  7. 17. To get from planet to planet all across the galaxy, ships travel through ___________ to get them faster.
  8. 18. Who did not believe that obi-wan should train anakin?
  9. 20. Who blinded kanan?
  10. 21. Who was the name of the man that all the clones in the clone wars were cloned from his dna?
  11. 23. Who found asoka and brought to be trained at the jedi temple?
  12. 24. How many guns does captain rex usually fight with?
  13. 25. General Grievous fights Obi-wan with how many lightsabers?
  14. 26. Who was exiled from the gungans?
  15. 30. What is the name of Luke and Anakin's home planet?
  16. 32. What name did luke call obi-wan?
  17. 33. Which planet did the clone wars begin on?
  18. 38. What is the name of Padme's home planet?
  19. 39. What is the name of the jedi wookie youngling in the group asoka meets?
  20. 40. What is the name of the home planet that all the clones came from?
  21. 41. What is the name of the friend obi-wan visits to find out more about the dart that was used to kill the bounty hunter that tried to kill padme?
  22. 42. "A long time ago in a _______ far far away."
  23. 43. Who was the clone that rex met when he was injured and was forced to be left behind to heal at a farm?
  1. 1. What species is master ayla secura?
  2. 2. "May the ______ be with you always."
  3. 3. What is luke's call sign during the attack on the death star?
  4. 5. What is the name of han solo's ship?
  5. 8. Who kills the emperor to save Luke's life?
  6. 9. She framed asoka and betrayed the jedi order.
  7. 11. Who unfreezes han solo?
  8. 13. What does obi-wan hate?
  9. 14. Who declares himself emperor?
  10. 15. What is the name of the ceremony of which that jedi younglings after finishing their first quarter of training get to search for their first lightsaber crystals called?
  11. 16. The name of the twilek girl that the clones waxer and boil met.
  12. 19. Who said this "laugh it up fuzz ball"?
  13. 22. Who is Luke adopted by?
  14. 27. What was the name of the lemur who treated anakin's wounds after the crash landing?
  15. 28. The name of obi-wan's second in command.
  16. 29. Jango fett's son.
  17. 31. How many lightsabers does anakin have left near the end of his fight with bariss?
  18. 34. This jedi faked his death.
  19. 35. What is tatooine mostly covered with?
  20. 36. Who used to be master yoda's apprentice?
  21. 37. Which arm did anakin lose in his duel with count dooku on geonosis?