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  1. 1. Korean Terran player who switch to play League Of Legends, but recently return to starcraft.
  2. 3. The chat goes wild when this phone game comes on during the breaks at the GSL
  3. 5. Before oGs disbanded they had a partnership with SK that made MC and another player play for SK during foreigner events, who was the other player?
  4. 6. Before Life joined Startale, which team was he on?
  5. 9. Makes your upgrades faster
  6. 10. Who had a medical mask on during the 2012 MLG Spring Arena 2?
  7. 16. Two players with the same nickname played each other during an IEM to battle for who would keep the nickname, what nickname did they have?
  8. 17. Former COO of Evil Geniuses and was also one of the hosts on Live On Three
  9. 18. The Tyrant
  10. 19. Who did apollo cast Dreamhack Valencia 2012 with? (formerly worked for ipl)
  11. 23. Head Admin at all the Dreamhack tournaments and a common guest on TheGDShow
  12. 26. Gorilla Terran
  13. 28. Manager and Coach for FXOpen
  14. 29. During WCS NA Season 1 ro16 mOOnGLaDe stayed at what teams teamhouse?
  15. 32. During Dreamhack Summer 2012 Dragon and this player almost had to regame twice due to the matches ending in a draw, who did dragon face?
  16. 33. Known for playing starcraft with his keyboard on his lap.
  17. 34. Which Starcraft 2 commentator was cohost with Snoop-dog for the HipHop Gaming league?
  18. 40. Which team was Naniwa on for only 3 days?
  19. 41. DRG made it to the semifinals of GSL Season 3 2012 he really wanted to make it to the finals because the final was played in his hometown, where was the final held?
  20. 46. Danced his stalkers in a match against sC forcing him to leave the game
  21. 47. Recently left Team Liquid to go work for ESL with WCS EU.
  22. 48. Follow this guy on twitter @...
  23. 50. What do you need to search for to battle zerglings on Google?
  24. 54. Who was "Head Chef" of team ICA?
  25. 55. This ability was removed from the game during the switch from WoL to HoTs
  26. 56. Foreigner that plays for Team 8?
  1. 1. Who did Mvp face when he won his 4th GSL?
  2. 2. After only the second beta patch of HoTs this new terran unit was removed.
  3. 4. The Infested terrran spell wasent always on the infestor, which zerg unit could throw infested terran for a while?
  4. 7. After HuK won Dremhack summer 2011 he then won another major tournament the weekend after, which tournament?
  5. 8. EnergyDrink that sponsors Evil Geniuses
  6. 11. French player who is good friends with Naniwa (also commentates alot)
  7. 12. First and only foreigner to score an all kill in the GSTL
  8. 13. KawaiiRice accused this player of having participated in a fraud for playing on another females account during showmatches and streamingsessions, this player later also admitted these claims.
  9. 14. Female player who played for Quantic, but now has personal sponsorship.
  10. 15. Protoss player from SKT1 who played extremly good in late WoL.
  11. 19. Broodwar progamer Violet died of leukemia about a year ago, what team was he on at that time?
  12. 20. Which starcraft 2 player had a personal sponsorship whit Dr.Pepper during the MLG season 2011
  13. 21. Loves destructible rocks
  14. 22. Plays with a towel over his mouse
  15. 24. Which race have TLO never played as main?
  16. 25. How many times have the DurĂ¡n Brothers played eachother in major tournaments?
  17. 27. Worst PvP map ever
  18. 30. Brood war player who joined Team Liquid late 2013 for a short while before retiering.
  19. 31. There are 2 players named Hero one is on Team Liquid the other one is on?
  20. 35. Which Starcraft 2 player has a World Of Warcraft NPC named after him?
  21. 36. If you dont GG you're probebly this
  22. 37. The WCS KR Code S had a Group of death in the ro16, who took last place in that group?
  23. 38. Loves his Voidrays
  24. 39. Who Built "The great wall of England" on TL Attack?
  25. 42. The first player to join Axiom
  26. 43. After winning a GSL this player changed his nickname to Optimus for a short period of time, what i his real nickname?
  27. 44. Recently left IM to play for FXO
  28. 45. According to MrBitter Ohana means...
  29. 49. Alot of EG's korean players played on this team before.
  30. 51. Has a personal sponsorship with BenQ
  31. 52. Russian player who loves the infestor broodlord combo
  32. 53. Former EG member who now cast MLG
  33. 54. Does songs about starcraft on youtube