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  1. 3. Forces that bind a state together are ________ forces.
  2. 5. Forces that pull a state apart are ________ forces.
  3. 6. A ________ state may have administrative divisions, but most decisions are made in the national capital.
  4. 9. An example that comes closest to being a true nation-state would be
  5. 11. Poland and Zimbabwe are examples of ________ states.
  6. 12. this includes ideas that advocated territorial expansion of countries.
  7. 14. Poland and Zimbabwe are examples of ________ states.
  8. 15. Norway is a good example of a(n)________ state.
  1. 1. Poland and Zimbabwe are examples of ________ states.
  2. 2. A government that is run according to the interests of its ruler or ruling elite is an
  3. 4. The United States has a(n) ________ form of government with internal unitary subdivisions.
  4. 7. a state is split by regional or other allegiances is
  5. 8. A situation of disagreement between states, whether it includes warfare or not, is called a
  6. 10. A group of people who occupy a particular area and want to have their own government is a
  7. 13. An independent political unit that claims exclusive jurisdiction over a territory and all the people in it is a