Stormwater Terms

  1. 4. An ecosystem where water covers the soil permanently or seasonally. May support aquatic and terrestrial species.
  2. 5. Water located beneath Earth’s surface
  3. 9. Water entering or soaking into the ground
  4. 10. Water falling to ground through precipitation runs back into lakes, rivers, etc. over the surface of the ground
  5. 11. Stored water on ground surface, usually smaller than a lake and larger than a pool
  6. 14. An area of land that drains water or runoff to a single point
  7. 15. The detachment and transport of soil by wind, water, ice, etc.
  8. 16. Surfaces like roofs, sidewalks, roads and parking lots that are impenetrable to water, making stormwater runoff
  9. 17. Rainwater that enters the storm drain system and enters rivers, lakes, streams, etc.
  10. 18. A practice that helps the environment
  11. 19. A shallow landscape designed to capture and treat stormwater runoff. Consists of plants and soils to promote infiltration and pollutant removal.
  12. 20. Contaminants introduced into the natural environment that have undesired effects to the environment
  1. 1. Type of pollutant people apply to yards
  2. 2. The study of how water moves through the environment
  3. 3. Water turned into vapor that rises into the air
  4. 6. Collects and stores rainwater runoff from roofs
  5. 7. Water in clouds that falls to earth as rain or snow
  6. 8. Water vapor cooled and combined to make clouds
  7. 12. Instrument used to measure amount of rainfall
  8. 13. The continuous movement or flow of water on, above, and below the Earth’s surface