1. 2. Colorful explosions in the sky
  2. 5. Going down a river in Missouri on a raft or canoe
  3. 9. Water park in a amusement park in Eureka
  4. 12. Traveling to different locations away from where you live
  5. 13. This is worn often to help protect us from the sun's harmful UV rays
  6. 15. Paddling like a dog in water
  7. 17. Walking on outdoor nature trails
  8. 21. Water park in Grafton, Illinois
  9. 23. Favorite custard place in St. Louis
  10. 24. Listening to your favorite band in person
  11. 25. Spending all day on a body of water on a water vehicle
  12. 26. Outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from home with a tent
  13. 29. These are worn over your eyes to be able to see on sunny days
  14. 30. A popular summer vaction location in Florida where you can meet Mickey
  1. 1. Place to look at exotic animals
  2. 3. Amusement Park in St. Louis that also has a water park inside
  3. 4. Self propelling yourself on a small boat
  4. 6. Driving a boat with your feet
  5. 7. Cooking outside
  6. 8. a narrow strip of land separating a body of water from inland areas which many people visit in summer
  7. 10. Eating outside with some of your favorite people
  8. 11. Sport of hitting a small ball and trying to get it into a hole
  9. 14. Bug that lights up and is fun to catch
  10. 16. A huge park to in downtown St. Louis to explore with many attractions outside
  11. 18. Sport that ends after 9 innings and plays on a diamond shaped field
  12. 19. Cheering this baseball team at Busch Stadium
  13. 20. Riding behind a boat on a inflatable tube
  14. 22. A desert made over a campfire
  15. 27. The act of catching aquatic animals
  16. 28. Easy going waterpark attraction