1. 4. A type of shoe we love in summer.
  2. 6. We use this to dig on the beach.
  3. 7. A special cream we must use in the sun.
  4. 8. We use this to make sandcastles.
  5. 11. A toy we play with, in the sea or swimming pool.
  6. 12. A type of hat.
  7. 15. Something we drink every day.
  8. 16. A fabulous drink for summer.
  9. 17. a place we go in summer to swim and play in the sand.
  10. 19. We use a bucket and spade to make this on the beach.
  11. 20. We use this to navigate.
  12. 21. Trees we often see near the beach.
  13. 22. Similar to a motor bike, but we use it in the sea.
  1. 1. A tube to help us breathe in the sea.
  2. 2. Something we put on our feet to swim faster.
  3. 3. Girls wear this on the beach or when they are swimming.
  4. 5. We wear these to protect our eyes in summer.
  5. 8. A special bag for the beach.
  6. 9. To help us get dry after swimming or having a shower.
  7. 10. Something we wear in summer.
  8. 13. Our favourite food when we are hot.
  9. 14. We wear this so we can see the fish when we swim.
  10. 18. An orange animal that loves the sea and rock pools.
  11. 19. A type of "fish" with five legs.