1. 3. Malott’s tropical fruit staple
  2. 5. Summer music festival that Frank Ocean dropped out of
  3. 9. _____ Month, celebrating LGBTQ+ history and visibility
  4. 12. Summer movie that takes place on a Greek island and stars Meryl Streep
  5. 13. Tree Tropical tree right outside of Malott
  6. 14. Number of seconds in summer for Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin
  7. 15. Abbr. for what Pomona College dorms don’t have
  8. 17. Summer days drifting away, but oh, oh those summer…
  9. 19. film of the century coming to theaters on July 21st
  10. 21. Indonesian songwriter who wrote TikTok hit “Every Summertime”
  11. 23. “Summertime Sadness” singer
  12. 26. what college students apply to do over the summer
  13. 28. some scripps trees have this summer fruit
  14. 31. 2019 song of the summer
  15. 32. you can catch Scripps students doing this on the lawns on sunny days
  1. 1. Ceremony for graduating seniors at the end of the school year
  2. 2. Disney channel movie starring Ross Lynch
  3. 4. Author for “The Summer I Turned Pretty” series
  4. 6. Food at Malott every Saturday Brunch
  5. 7. what science students do at Keck over the summer
  6. 8. When she’s drunk in the back of a car, and she’s crying like a baby coming home from the bar
  7. 10. Triangle-headed cartoon character that is making the most of his 104 days of summer vacation
  8. 11. other movie coming to theaters on July 21st
  9. 16. Glass Animals song; weather phenomenon
  10. 18. campfire dessert
  11. 20. June to July summer zodiac sign
  12. 22. Malott’s summer fruit staple
  13. 24. Lorde’s summer themed album named after a sustainable energy source
  14. 25. day in June celebrating the emancipation of Black slaves
  15. 27. Abbr. for where Scripps students live over the summer in Claremont
  16. 29. Only 5C to offer classes during the summer
  17. 30. day in July featuring barbecues and fireworks