1. 2. Open-toed sandals worn during summer months
  2. 4. A refreshing fruit commonly eaten during summer
  3. 6. A place to swim and cool off in hot summer days
  4. 8. A popular outdoor activity often enjoyed during summer
  5. 11. A large outdoor gathering of people to celebrate cultural events, often held during summer
  6. 13. A lotion applied to the skin to protect against sunburn
  7. 14. A popular mode of transportation and recreation during summer months
  8. 15. A popular summer destination for swimming and sunbathing
  9. 16. A refreshing summer drink made from lemon juice, water, and sugar
  10. 18. A time for relaxation and travel, often taken during summer
  1. 1. A popular way to celebrate summer holidays, such as Independence Day
  2. 3. Protective eyewear that reduces the brightness and glare of sunlight
  3. 5. A type of clothing worn during summer when it's too hot for pants
  4. 6. A meal eaten outdoors, often at a park or beach, during summer
  5. 7. A popular summer activity to enjoy the great outdoors
  6. 9. A popular frozen treat to cool down during summer
  7. 10. A popular summer sport played in many countries
  8. 12. A fun and refreshing way to cool off during hot summer days
  9. 14. A popular way to cook and eat outside during summer
  10. 17. A wide-brimmed hat worn to protect the face and head from the sun