1. 2. Something that you bring to the beach to keep your drinks cold
  2. 4. Something that you do to catch a fish
  3. 8. Something that you use to protect yourself from the rain
  4. 9. Something that you use to dry off
  5. 12. Something that is green and grows on the ground
  6. 15. What you make burgers on
  7. 16. A park with water
  8. 17. Something that you build sandcastles in
  9. 18. something that you use to make your drinks cold
  10. 19. Bug that stings you and is black and yellow
  11. 20. Something that you use to go tubing
  1. 1. A flower that you blow to make a wish.
  2. 3. Something that you wear to go swimming
  3. 5. Month of red, white, and blue
  4. 6. something that you make on an adventure with your friends and family
  5. 7. Something that you play with your friends and family that involves cards or a board and dice.
  6. 10. Drink with lemons
  7. 11. Someone that watches you swim
  8. 13. Something that you wear over your eyes to protect them from the sun.
  9. 14. Fruit that is red, in a shape of a triangle, and has black seeds.