1. 4. a loose granular substance typically pale yellow formed by the erosion of rocks
  2. 5. to go up or scale (a mountain rock or tree) by gripping with the hands and feet
  3. 6. a tube used for breathing underwater while keeping the face submerged
  4. 7. the star that the Earth orbits around; a source of light and heat
  5. 9. a team sport played with a ball in which two teams hit the ball back and forth over a net
  6. 11. a kite to launch and control a kite in the air using a string
  7. 14. to move through water by propelling oneself using the limbs
  8. 15. to go for a long walk in the countryside or mountains
  9. 16. a fire lit at a campsite for warmth cooking or socializing
  10. 17. the hard protective outer layer of certain marine animals found on beaches
  11. 19. a portable device used for protection against the sun or rain consisting of a collapsible typically fabric-covered frame
  12. 20. eyeglasses with dark or tinted lenses to protect the eyes from the sun
  1. 1. a structure made of sand typically resembling a castle built by children at the beach
  2. 2. long moving ridges of water on the surface of the sea
  3. 3. a method of cooking food especially meat over an open fire or on a grill
  4. 8. a small or large area of still water typically artificial for swimming
  5. 10. a sandy or pebbly area by the sea or a lake where people swim and relax
  6. 11. light sandals with a rubber sole and two straps that pass between the first and second toes
  7. 12. a frozen sweet treat made from dairy products sugar and various flavors
  8. 13. a piece of absorbent fabric used for drying or wiping oneself
  9. 18. to ride on the crest of a wave especially while balancing on a surfboard