1. 2. The land at the edge of a lake, ocean, or sea.
  2. 3. A team sport in which players use their hands or arms to knock a ball over a net.
  3. 5. Something that you wear to protect the eyes from the sun.
  4. 8. A large, oval fruit with green skin; sweet, juicy, red pulp; and seeds.
  5. 10. A preparation (as a lotion) applied to the skin to prevent sunburn (as by chemically absorbing the sun's rays).
  6. 12. A sport in which people ride a board to stand and move on the waves.
  7. 13. The item of clothing you wear when you go swimming.
  8. 15. A place full of trees and benches, where you can play or go for a walk.
  9. 16. A shelter made of canvas, nylon, or plastic. You take it when you go camping.
  10. 17. To move through water by moving your arms and legs.
  11. 19. The star at the center of the solar system.
  12. 20. A drink made of lemon juice, sugar, and water.
  13. 21. A head covering, especially one that has a visor and no brim.
  14. 22. A small mean of transportation used in the water.
  1. 1. Sea animal with eight arms.
  2. 4. A type of light sandal, typically worn as a form of casual footwear.
  3. 6. Something round, filled with air. It bounces and people use it to play.
  4. 7. A big ship where people travel for many days, visiting coastal cities and towns. These ships have all kind of activities and recreational areas.
  5. 9. One of the largest flying birds. They are famous for their huge throat pouches, where they can carry water and fish.
  6. 11. A crustacean with ten legs. On 'The Little Mermaid' his name is Sebastian.
  7. 12. An invertebrate animal that lives in the sea. It has five arms and a body. It is one of 'SpongeBob SquarePants' best friends.
  8. 14. A large, nut-like fruit that grows high in palm trees.
  9. 15. A small, deep body of water made by humans where people can swim.
  10. 16. A piece of cloth used for wiping or drying.
  11. 17. The surface where you walk on at the beach is this powder made up of small, loose pieces of rock, soil, minerals, and even gemstones.
  12. 18. A frozen dessert made from cream, with added flavors and sweeteners.