1. 1. a soft-bodied, eight-limbed mollusc of the order Octopoda
  2. 4. a roughly cylindrical open container, typically made of metal or plastic, with a handle, used to hold and carry liquids or other material.
  3. 7. a colorless, transparent, odorless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms.
  4. 9. device consisting of a circular canopy of cloth on a folding metal frame supported by a central rod, used as protection against rain or sometimes sun.
  5. 10. a brown or darkened shade of skin developed after exposure to the sun.
  6. 12. a sweetened lemon-flavored drink.
  7. 14. a hard, protective outer layer usually created by an animal or organism that lives in the sea
  8. 15. beach grains typically pale yellowish brown or darker brownish color
  9. 17. a strip of land covered with sand, pebbles, or small stones at the edge of a body of water
  10. 19. a shaped covering for the head worn for warmth as a fashion item, or as a part of uniform
  1. 2. spongebob squarepants house
  2. 3. the star at the center of the solar system
  3. 5. a sea creature with a hard shell, eight legs and two pincers
  4. 6. the sport or pastime of riding a wave towards the shore while standing or lying
  5. 7. the large fruit of a plant of the gourd family, with smooth green skin, red pulp, and watery juice.
  6. 8. a long body of water curling into an arched form and breaking on the shore.
  7. 11. a cloth used for absorbing water after shower
  8. 13. frozen water
  9. 15. a frozen dessert made using ice combined with fruit juice, fruit purée, or other ingredients
  10. 16. a solid or hollow spherical or egg-shaped object that is kicked, thrown, or hit in a game.
  11. 18. a high degree of heat or a high temperature.