1. 3. What is used to dock a ship.
  2. 6. The popular desert that is mostly eaten in the summer.
  3. 9. What is worn to protect your eyes from the sun.
  4. 11. What is used to surf the waves.
  5. 12. Fish and many other sea creature's home.
  6. 14. What you can get from staying out in the sun too long.
  7. 16. What you lay on when you are at the beach.
  8. 17. Where most people enjoy to go to in the summer.
  1. 1. What is used to make sandcastles
  2. 2. The aquatic creature that is half person half fish.
  3. 4. A slide flowing with water that has twists and turns, typically found at a waterpark.
  4. 5. The cannon ball made quite a _____.
  5. 7. Gives light and warms the Earth.
  6. 8. Footwear worn in the warmer months.
  7. 10. When school is out, it becomes _______.
  8. 11. What people enjoy to do in the ocean, pool, or lake.
  9. 13. The warmest season of the year.
  10. 14. A member of the crew of a boat.
  11. 15. A large boat that is used for transporting people or goods by sea.
  12. 16. Your skin tends to get ___ in the summer heat.