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Superhero vocabulary & names

  1. 2. He is Captain America's sidekick
  2. 3. On the picture we studied, Captain America was ... a skin tight body suit
  3. 6. Oden's son, his brother's name is Loki and he bears a hammer / an axe
  4. 8. He is the superhero who has a red and yellow emblem representing a "S" on his chest
  5. 10. This superhero's enemy is called the Joker
  6. 11. The readers identify ... superheroes when they read comics
  7. 12. The feeling that people get when they read comics
  8. 15. What Tony Stark wears to become Iron Man
  9. 17. the enemy of a superhero is called a...
  10. 18. Type of shot that was used in the Spiderman extract we studied
  1. 1. A person who has incredible powers
  2. 4. A piece of fabric that many superheroes wear
  3. 5. She is the woman in the comics we studied
  4. 7. He is Batman's sidekick
  5. 8. He is the superhero who has been bitten by a spider
  6. 9. Supernatural stories that children are told
  7. 13. The movie scene represents the transformation of Peter Parker ... Spiderman
  8. 14. The capacity to become really small
  9. 16. Comics society that Stan Lee works for