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Surgical Radiography Crossword

  1. 4. a type of medical imaging procedure that shows a continuous X-ray image on the monitor
  2. 5. the emission of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves
  3. 7. a substance capable of producing anesthesia
  4. 8. radiation absorbed by a person’s body
  5. 9. a medical professional who performs surgeries
  6. 11. free from pathogenic organisms
  7. 14. a disease of a joint
  8. 16. strongest and longest bone in the body
  9. 18. a branch of medicine requiring operative procedures
  10. 19. a nurse who assists the surgeon in the OR
  11. 20. free from living organisms and microorganisms
  12. 22. a radiograph of the bile ducts after injection of a radiopaque substance
  13. 23. physicians who specialize in the treatment of the cardiovascular system
  14. 25. a break in the continuity of bone
  15. 26. a section of the electromagnetic spectrum used in medical imaging
  1. 1. a medical professional who specializes in the imaging of human anatomy
  2. 2. position where patient has ventral side of body facing downward
  3. 3. position where patient is lying on their back
  4. 6. an artificial device to replace a missing bodily part
  5. 10. a sharp-pointed medical surgical instrument used to insert a cannula into a body cavity for drainage
  6. 12. an electronic device that receives image forming x-rays and converts them to a visible light of high intensity
  7. 13. a client for medical service
  8. 15. a device that changes an x-ray beam into a viewable image
  9. 17. protective coverings over the mouth and nose
  10. 21. a medical professional who administers anesthetics
  11. 24. loose fitting clothing worn by hospital staff