Swarming Season

  1. 4. swarm season
  2. 5. usually yellow with soft bristles
  3. 7. to record the event!
  4. 8. need this number to reconnect with homeowner in case swarm leaves
  5. 11. sometimes spraying this keeps a swarm calm
  6. 12. to keep your bees from suffocating, your box must have this
  7. 14. the bees the swarm sends out to look for a new place to live
  8. 16. age of 75% of bees leaving in the swarm
  9. 17. sometimes needed if the swarm is up high
  10. 18. the leader of the pack. The swarm gathers where she lands
  11. 21. Secure these so you know where they are when you get ready to drive away!
  12. 22. old and dark, this smells good to the bees. Put it in your collection box to make them happy to be there
  13. 23. plastic container used to hold this. When you cut the top off, this makes a good swarm scoop
  14. 24. where you will install bees
  1. 1. used to cut a branch to drop the swarm into your container
  2. 2. general name of the odor that attracts the bees to the spot where the queen is hanging on the tree/fence/lamp post
  3. 3. often we ask the person reporting the swarm if it is the size of a ________ (athletic object)
  4. 6. to spread under the swarm so you can see the queen if she falls
  5. 9. some homeowners do this ahead of calling a beekeeper and you need to know if they have
  6. 10. an attractive smell that might keep your bees happy in the swarm collection box
  7. 13. are person collecting the swarm
  8. 14. to secure the ventilated top to the box, you need these
  9. 15. sometimes you have to spend this until swarm fully in box
  10. 19. the pheromone the bees emit to tell the other bees that the queen is in your swarm box
  11. 20. a must have while collecting a swarm to protect your eyes
  12. 24. ask homeowner this question about the location of swarm