Task Force 72 May Crossword

  1. 2. This heavy cruiser is named for a member of the genus Digitalis.
  2. 4. This system near Cardassian space is home to Starbase 72
  3. 8. This light cruiser is named for the former capital of the Eastern Roman Empire.
  4. 10. The Deputy Commander of Task Force 72
  5. 11. This Federation ambassador to the Klingon Empire is the namesake of Task Force 72's flagship
  6. 12. The commanding officer of Starbase 72 is this species
  7. 14. This surveyor shares its name with the project responsible for restoring communications with Voyager
  8. 16. This light cruiser is named after a famed kinslayer who completed thirteen labors in penance for killing his wife and children.
  9. 17. The Commander of Task Force 72
  1. 1. This light explorer is named after a mythological ficture whose name means 'All-Giving'.
  2. 3. This surveyor is named for the inventor of the lightbulb.
  3. 5. This light cruiser is named after a musician who was dedicated to his beloved, but terrible at following directions.
  4. 6. The class leader of a group of light cruisers, this ship is named for any of the sailors who sailed with Jason from Iolcus to Colchis
  5. 7. The rank of Starbase 72's commanding officer
  6. 9. This organization is a threat to the former Demilitarized Zone
  7. 13. The largest ship in Task Force 72 is named for a red giant also called α Boötis.
  8. 15. This heavy cruiser is named after one of the most famous battlecruisers of the Royal Navy.