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  1. 3. materials that hold their size and shape and can support loads
  2. 5. a form of private ownership in which businesses are owned and operated by two or
  3. 9. and watering crops.
  4. 10. the limits on a design.
  5. 12. the stage of developing and operating systems for producing a product, structure, or
  6. 13. materials that easily disperse and expand to fill any space.
  7. 20. people with very special talents who look beyond present practices and products and
  8. 23. structures erected to protect people, materials, and equipment from the outside
  9. 24. and development of products, structures, and systems.
  10. 25. a major step in agricultural practices that involves providing feed and water for animals or
  1. 1. visible, fluid materials that will not normally hold their size and shape.
  2. 2. people.
  3. 4. the raw, unorganized facts and figures collected by people and machines.
  4. 6. artifacts humans use to expand their capabilities
  5. 7. an inclined plane wrapped around a shaft
  6. 8. multiplier a simple machine that increases the amount of movement applied to the work
  7. 11. people who financially support a technological system by spending money on products
  8. 14. hand.
  9. 15. the range of techniques used to produce most products and services today
  10. 16. businesses.
  11. 17. A simple machine that multiplies the force applied to it. It changes the direction of a linear
  12. 18. services.
  13. 19. a device used to split and separate materials and to grip parts
  14. 21. the support on a lever on which the lever arm rests and turns.
  15. 22. a person who conducts research and applies scientific and technological knowledge to the
  16. 24. financing: raising money by borrowing money from a financial institution or private investors.