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  1. 3. the study of the natural world.
  2. 5. Before systems can be designed _________ need to be specified.
  3. 7. a person engaged in chemical research and experiments.
  4. 9. supply, service or support.
  5. 10. a person how maintain technical equipment.
  6. 12. the process of examination.
  7. 15. designing and maintain products, structures and systems.
  8. 17. a group of interrelated parts that work together to produce a desired result.
  9. 18. they do their work by investigating the world around them.
  10. 20. buildings, bridges, communication systems manufactured goods, and all things made by humans.
  1. 1. the process of choosing alternatives to make the solution work as well as it can.
  2. 2. person who design buildings and in many cases supervises their construction.
  3. 4. a person who designs, builds or maintains engines, machines or public works.
  4. 6. a series of steps by which resources are changed into desired products.
  5. 8. an expert in or student of physics.
  6. 11. an expert in or student of the branch of science concerning living organisms.
  7. 13. the development of an entirely new device or product.
  8. 14. Technologically________ people know that technology is created to meet human needs.
  9. 16. an exchange of one option in order to gain a better option.
  10. 19. an invention that is improved.