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  1. 5. A smaller on the go form of telling time
  2. 9. Something that allows you to watch a movie as if its popping out at you..
  3. 10. Something that is played on usually with known character like Mario, Sonic, Etc..
  4. 12. Something used to save memories in a photo or video..
  5. 14. Something that is used to make your voice louder when speaking, singing, rapping, etc..
  6. 17. The first way humans were able to fly..
  7. 19. Something that releases bullets in a deadly manner
  8. 20. Something that allows you to see clearly
  9. 22. Something used to get satellites and humans in space..
  10. 23. Something you plug your charger or device into to get power..
  11. 25. Something that allows you to listen to different stations to see what going on around the world..
  12. 26. Something used to provide light by batteries when there Isn't one..
  13. 28. Something that tells the current time..
  1. 1. Something that uses propellers to move and transports cargo..
  2. 2. Wireless headphones to hear a phone or whatever its connected to..
  3. 3. Something that alerts you when there is a fire near..
  4. 4. Something used to make technology work without having to plug it in..
  5. 6. Something that is used to capture live video with feed back on another device
  6. 7. Something that is used to keep food cool or from becoming spoiled..
  7. 8. Something that shows moving pictures or movies on a big screen..
  8. 11. Something that produces hot glue to have a stronger bond
  9. 13. Something that is used to make calls, send text, etc..
  10. 15. Something used with four wheels to get you place to place quickly..
  11. 16. Something that provide light..
  12. 18. Something used to put ink on a sheet of paper that you need to copy
  13. 21. Something used to countdown time or up to give a certain stop number
  14. 24. SOmething that charges your electronic device..
  15. 27. An electronical device for storing and processing data..