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  1. 4. Boole, inventor of Boolean algebra
  2. 6. Bhatt, Indian-American who developed Universal Series Bus
  3. 7. Stallman, the founder of the Free Software Foundation.
  4. 9. Linear data structure
  5. 10. the language in which iOS apps are written
  6. 12. the first actual computer video game or digital game
  7. 13. a character encoding standard for electronic communication
  8. 15. the wireless technology used to connect devices to the internet
  9. 16. a term referring to all real-and-virtual combined environments generated by computer technology
  10. 17. Narayan, President and Chief executive officer of Adobe
  11. 18. Software intentionally designed to cause disruption to a computer
  1. 1. sort, Divide and conquer algorithm
  2. 2. the first AI robot created.
  3. 3. Computing, computing that focuses on developing technologies based on quantum theory
  4. 5. a branch of cloud computing that delivers computer-centric applications via the World Wide Web
  5. 8. A digital currency
  6. 11. The World’s First Computer Virus
  7. 13. ,a set of functions allowing the creation of applications and dictates machines' conversations
  8. 14. , the first computer programming language that was widely used.
  9. 15. an application available freeware instant messaging IP service owned by Meta Platform.