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  1. 3. is the thing that you touch on your phone
  2. 6. when something is very good
  3. 8. the thing that you do for make a project
  4. 9. is the thing that you have on your Phone like Netflix
  5. 10. is the person that do sciences
  6. 13. is the thing were you are now
  7. 15. is the thing that you do when you are talkinf to someone
  8. 17. is Terminator
  9. 20. the thing that you use for comunĂ­cate
  1. 1. Is the thing that make your Phone work
  2. 2. is the thing that is inside of your Phone IPad and Laptop
  3. 3. it's the class where you dissect a frog
  4. 4. is the thing that people do for win money
  5. 5. is your Phone IPad and laptop
  6. 7. the thing that you use to make projects.
  7. 11. is the thing that a lot of influencers use for make hi face pretty
  8. 12. id the thing that a person seld
  9. 14. is the thing that make the people progress
  10. 16. is a company that do the same stuff like Apple
  11. 18. Is like a phone but for little kids
  12. 19. Is a material the is on your phone IPad and laptop