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  1. 5. Process unit and computer heart.
  2. 6. Reload or display the content of a web page or window.
  3. 7. Equipment that controls users' access to a network and gives them service and information.
  4. 9. Any program that runs on an operating system and does a specific function for a user.
  5. 11. Appearance presented by the programs after their execution through which we exercise communication with them.
  6. 13. A set of instructions that run as a macro.
  7. 14. Server that makes the Internet connection and that serves as a gateway to client computers.
  1. 1. Folder or buffer that temporarily stores the files on the computer.
  2. 2. Application to back up files, folders or drives.
  3. 3. Device that is part of a network controlled by a remote central unit.
  4. 4. Option offered by the HTML language to divide a web page into several zones.
  5. 8. Programming language that allows you to run programs written in a language very similar to C ++.
  6. 9. Defines the set of instructions used to execute a task or solve a problem.
  7. 10. Group of web pages related to each other.
  8. 12. Two or more computers connected to each other.