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Technology Crossword

  1. 4. For cutting/removing timber in joints and also carving shapes
  2. 6. Strong metal items (in a variety of shapes and sizes) that are used to hold pieces of wood together whilst glue dries pliers Hand tools that are use to grip, hold and cut metal items
  3. 7. A hand tool that allows measurements to be acquired internally and externally by adjusting the arms to fit around an object or metal shape
  4. 10. Strong small hand tools, like scissors, for cutting thin metal into shapes
  5. 12. A device for driving in and removing nails, and also for hitting and bending materials to shape
  6. 14. A hand tool with a roughened surface that enables the user to remove rough edges/surfaces
  7. 16. A large powered machine that enables metal to be turned, shaped and cut along a horizontal axis using precision systems
  8. 17. A protective item made from strong cloth to protect the user from dust, shavings and other substances used in the workshop
  1. 1. A large heavy object used by blacksmiths to hit, hammer and shape hot metal objects into a variety of shapes
  2. 2. A small hand tool with a sharp point (similar in shape and size to a pencil) to scratch or mark surfaces
  3. 3. A machine that enables metal strip, sheet or panel to be bent to particular shapes
  4. 5. A large press-­‐like machine that is used to cut sheet metal into shapes
  5. 6. A part of the drilling machine that can be adjusted to hold differing sizes of drill bits for drilling holes in a variety of materials
  6. 8. A machine for cutting or shearing off metal, usually in metal sheet form
  7. 9. Used for marking circles and arcs on timber
  8. 11. Hand tools that are used to grip, hold and cut metal items
  9. 13. A wooden hammer used in conjunction with chisels
  10. 15. A tool which we push along over timber to remove excess thickness