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technology terms

  1. 2. a file that remembers and holds information of things that happen on your computer
  2. 5. a type of computer that can fit in you palm
  3. 6. a check list that the computer uses when you turn it on
  4. 8. a picture, word document, or movie that needs another program to open it.
  5. 9. icons that represent column and battery power that are found in the bottom, right hand corner of the computer screen
  6. 11. a way a program is set up
  7. 12. picture element
  8. 13. a piece of software that tells the operating system to communicate with a piece of software
  9. 16. another name for laptop
  10. 17. software that blocks viruses from harming the computer
  11. 20. software that allows you to do more than one thing at once
  12. 21. programs in a computer
  13. 26. where do you plug in your flash drive or printer?
  14. 29. what you do when you buy a song from iTunes and put it onto your iPod or computer
  15. 32. the address of where a web page is found
  16. 33. something that the user has to accept
  17. 37. tells the computer what to do, kind of the boss
  18. 38. hardware in a computer that uses instructions from a program to help it work
  19. 41. two or more computers connected by software
  20. 43. a measurement of wavelengths used in clocks
  21. 44. a disk that can hold information on it and then can have information written over it
  22. 45. storage for a web page that remembers what to do on that web page
  23. 46. a system used in IBM computers that isn’t used very much anymore because it doesn’t support multitasking
  24. 48. shows all of the programs that are open and the date and time
  25. 49. hardware that links a home network to the internet, helps computers communicate with each other
  26. 52. physical parts of the computer
  27. 54. a piece of hardware that holds information on it and can move it
  28. 56. another name for “box”
  1. 1. how many dpi there are on a screen
  2. 3. a port that can connect flash drives or cables to the computer and can connect printers to computer
  3. 4. a cd that has already-written, accessible information on it and cannot be rewritten
  4. 6. a storage device that aids the computer and gives it resources (ex. file server or printer)
  5. 7. the old version of a flash drive used to save and move information
  6. 10. a measurement of how much information a computer can hold
  7. 12. a format that computers use to be able to share information with each other
  8. 14. a type of tablet sold by Amazon
  9. 15. part of the computer that does the mathematical calculations for the computer
  10. 18. a type of computer that is flat and has no cover
  11. 19. a place where word documents, images, or powerpoint can be saved
  12. 21. go there to start most programs, a way to find files or system settings
  13. 22. text, images, video, or audio on a page and is accessible through the network
  14. 23. the computer screen
  15. 24. a tablet sold and created by apple
  16. 25. a program that allows you to view HTML documents on the web
  17. 27. a computer that stores all the information from a network of computers
  18. 28. videos and pictures that are on your computer
  19. 30. a program that enables you to be able to see the same thing on your computer screen as the printed final
  20. 31. a card used to help the monitor display an image
  21. 34. something that is used to help the computer but not part of it
  22. 35. wireless technology that exchanges data over short distances and creates personal area networks
  23. 36. a card about the size of a credit card that helps the computer
  24. 38. a list of instructions that tell the computer what to do
  25. 39. equipment that can hold information
  26. 40. where all the information of the computer is stored
  27. 42. a small picture that represents a program
  28. 47. a program that finds sites and information that link to a key search word
  29. 50. reads and writes information onto a floppy disk
  30. 51. what makes up an image or picture on a screen
  31. 53. a program, programmed to harm the computer
  32. 55. ways that letters can be shaped and may include: style, typeface, point size, or weight