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  1. 4. A collection of wires covered in plastic to carry electricity, telephone signals, the Internets etc.
  2. 5. The study of living things
  3. 7. The point where electric energy enters or leaves (e.g. at a battery)
  4. 8. Thing or device for writing on computer
  5. 9. During hot summer we switch on when we drive car
  6. 10. A large system with many parts which connect people and places
  7. 11. The activity of communicating with lots of different people
  8. 12. A machine that uses fuel to produce movement
  9. 13. The use of electric energy in technology
  10. 16. Device which we can use to charge a battery
  11. 17. the physical and electronic parts of a computer
  12. 19. Instructions or program which controls a computer
  1. 1. Long thin metal surrounded in plastic to carry electricity
  2. 2. An object or machine for a special purpose
  3. 3. A small machine for a special purpose
  4. 5. The use of living things (e.g. DNA) in industry
  5. 6. We use something to listen music
  6. 14. A small device which stores sound and vision
  7. 15. A general purpose device that can be used to play video games, watch films, or photos and write homework.
  8. 18. Device that changes electricity into movement