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  1. 2. is temporarily stored on your computer.
  2. 5. computing, does not eliminate servers
  3. 8. method by which users access and save or "pull down" software or other files to their own computers
  4. 10. is a document sent with an email message
  5. 12. refers to the part of an application that performs an essential task not apparent to the user.
  6. 15. card, a video adapter
  7. 18. electronic mail is a way of sending messages over the internet
  8. 19. A software program that allows you to surf the web
  1. 1. smallest unit of measurement in computing.
  2. 2. refers to measures designed to protect your computer
  3. 3. refers to a website's text and information, as opposed to its design and structure
  4. 4. a wireless communications technology intended to replace cables.
  5. 6. microprocessor that performs many functions and calculations that make your computer run
  6. 7. reality, is the integration of digital information with live video
  7. 9. a saved link to a particular Web page
  8. 11. company of the type of touch screen phone most of the world uses today
  9. 13. a conventional method of transmitting data
  10. 14. driver, a small program that allows a peripheral device such as a printer or scanner to connect to your PC
  11. 16. Acrobat Reader, is software that allows you to view a PDF document
  12. 17. to load and initialise the operating system on a computer.