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  1. 6. Revolution saw the development of continuous manufacturing, sophisticated transportation and communication systems, advanced construction practices, and improved education and leisure time
  2. 7. the process of converting raw materials, components, or parts into finished goods that meet a customer's expectations or specifications
  3. 8. provides information in an educational way
  4. 10. material designed materials that do not already exist
  5. 11. production a manufacturing system in which unique products are built specifically to meet the customer’s specifications
  6. 13. cell converts visible light into into direct current
  7. 17. a time of rebirth of the arts and humanities
  8. 18. Age began with the discovery of copper and copper-based metals
  1. 1. provides provides information in an entertaining way
  2. 2. Age defined by the use of iron and steel as the primary materials for tools
  3. 3. a waste management technique that uses natural organisms to break down substances
  4. 4. the folding of paper to make designs
  5. 5. steel, stainless steel
  6. 9. Age started with the development of stone tools used for hunting, cutting, and pounding vegetables and meat
  7. 11. production a manufacturing system in which a product line assembles products continuously
  8. 12. to save or preserve something
  9. 14. Ages saw the development of many technological devices that produced long-lasting effects on technology and society
  10. 15. material any product or physical matter that comes from plants, animals, or the group
  11. 16. engineering modification of the characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material
  12. 18. production a manufacturing system in which components or goods are produced in groups (batches) and not in a continuous stream