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  1. 2. process that changes the shape of materials
  2. 5. changing data into information
  3. 7. removing pieces of a material
  4. 10. liquid material is poured into a mold
  5. 13. changes the inner structure of the material
  6. 14. he process of producing goods or products
  7. 15. joining several parts together to make a product
  8. 16. material is formed by forcing part of it to move into a different position
  9. 17. one step beyond infotainment
  10. 19. tools help identify size, shape, wight etc.
  1. 1. an unwanted signal that can interfere with the communication process, can interrupt the signal at any point in the process
  2. 2. last step in making a product
  3. 3. flat material is pressed into a mold
  4. 4. is data that has been sorted and arranged
  5. 6. a manufacturing system in which components or goods are produced in groups (batches) and not in a continuous stream
  6. 8. softened material is squeezed through small opening
  7. 9. providing information in an entertaining way
  8. 11. a manufacturing system in which unique products are built specifically to meet the customer’s specifications
  9. 12. shaping material by heating it
  10. 15. a manufacturing system in which a product line assembles products continuously
  11. 18. individual facts, statistics (numerical data), and ideas