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  1. 2. Time which elapses between ordering information and receiving it through an interactive system.
  2. 3. Card It is a card that is able to store digital information.
  3. 5. it improves things
  4. 7. what people ins school are learning
  5. 12. A service provided from a remote location using the telematics infrastructure.
  6. 13. Message sent or posted to an excessively large number of people on the Internet
  7. 17. Network (WAN)
  8. 19. complement to LAN. A WAN consists of multiple local networks tied together, typically using telephone-company services.
  9. 20. you send e massage
  10. 21. Service A set of basic services that must be made available at an affordable price to all users by public or private operators irrespective of the user's geographical location.
  1. 1. gives you information about anything
  2. 4. making something better
  3. 6. you send and get information
  4. 8. which facilitates the communication between the computer and its user
  5. 9. informatic programme able to disrupt the functioning of other programmes.
  6. 10. application of information and communications technologies and services, usually in direct combination
  7. 11. page gives you information
  8. 14. gives you information
  9. 15. demandSystems that enable the viewers to order and see a given programme at the exact time the viewer specifies.
  10. 16. 1 Computer program for a person to browse what is on the Internet
  11. 18. popular way to move large amounts of voice, data and video