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  1. 4. what you use to move the pointer on the screen
  2. 6. what you use to sit on
  3. 8. cools down the room when it's hot
  4. 11. object that you can drive places
  5. 13. Where you can store papers in school
  6. 16. What you use to put things on at home
  7. 17. warms up the room when it's cold
  8. 18. object that can communicate with other people with
  9. 19. Can connect electricity from the wall to an object
  1. 1. What you use to connect papers to another paper
  2. 2. Helps you see in dark rooms
  3. 3. what you use to type on the computer
  4. 5. what people use at home to get internet
  5. 7. object that you can write with made from wood
  6. 9. Has a monitor and a key board and a mouse
  7. 10. The title of this crossword
  8. 12. Where the electricity is in the wall
  9. 14. What you use to print things
  10. 15. a hard material used to build many things
  11. 18. An object u can write on made from trees