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  1. 4. A standard or set of rules that computers and other devices use when communicating with one another
  2. 10. A cable used to connect computers on a network with a wired connection
  3. 13. High-speed internet connection
  4. 14. A set of computers on a network that are managed as a unit
  5. 16. A document sent with an email message
  6. 18. A software program that allows you to surf the web
  7. 19. The brains of your computer that is responsible for performing calculations and tasks that make programs work
  8. 24. A link to another location or file on the internet, activated by clicking on a highlighted word
  9. 25. A way of sending messages over the internet
  10. 26. A programming language that is commonly used in the development of client-server web applications
  11. 27. Abbreviation for random access memory
  1. 1. Load the operating system on a computer
  2. 2. Save or "pull down" files to your own computer from a remote computer via the Internet
  3. 3. A common name for "World Wide Web"
  4. 5. A point within a network that interconnects with other networks
  5. 6. Wireless communications technology intended to replace cables
  6. 7. A measure of computer processor storage as well as real and virtual memory
  7. 8. The number of distinct pixels that make up the display on a computer monitor
  8. 9. A device that allows computers to transmit information to each other via ordinary telephone lines
  9. 11. Maximum amount of data that can travel a communications path in a given time
  10. 12. Abbreviated name for malicious software
  11. 15. A piece of code or data that is stored on a user's computer when they use the internet
  12. 17. A barrier that acts as a security system to protect computers on a network
  13. 18. A saved link to a particular web page
  14. 20. Abbreviation for central processing unit
  15. 21. Unsolicited email messages sent for marketing purposes
  16. 22. A type of email fraud in which the perpetrator sends out emails that appear to come from a legitimate service or reputable company
  17. 23. Programming code inserted into other programs to cause damage