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Terms of Games Crossword Puzzle

  1. 2. Feeling like you’re really into the game as though you’re really “there”
  2. 4. Initial appearance of something, usually a monster, in video games
  3. 6. Something that has a continuously changing range of values or measurements, as opposed to digital where there are discrete values that jump from one to another
  4. 7. Some random factors
  5. 9. A game that intrudes into the real world in some
  6. 11. A combination of problem-solving and creativity used to create the framework, structure, and mechanics of games
  7. 14. way
  8. 17. A game representing a war, usually a two-sided battle or a larger war which might have more than two sides
  9. 18. Bearing no relation to/connection with the real world
  10. 20. An unfinished version of a game suitable to be playtested and modified
  11. 21. Use of technology to create a realistic semblance of something
  1. 1. A fairly short and easy-to-play game that can accommodate a range of numbers of players so that it can be played while waiting for other players to show up or after some players have left the gaming session
  2. 3. Many video games have multiple levels, stages, missions, or episodes of play
  3. 5. Another term for tabletop or non-electronic games
  4. 8. A story or history that a game is attempting to represent
  5. 10. A video created using the game program rather than a separate video editor and inserted into the game to advance the story
  6. 12. A middleman between game creators and game publishers who help arrange a deal and takes a percentage of the revenue
  7. 13. Some people play a particular way regardless of which game they’re playing
  8. 15. Extent to which the game circumstances change over time
  9. 16. Video game genre in which a principal activity is running, leaping, and jumping
  10. 19. This acronym applies specifically to characters in role-playing games that are controlled by the referee or game master
  11. 20. Some item or other element that can be picked up that confers a usually temporary increase in capability on a player character