TF72 Homestead Crossword

  1. 2. This race originates on the planet you're standing on now.
  2. 4. This martial race's homeworld was destroyed in 2387.
  3. 8. This race's homeworld is located near to one of the two most important wormholes in the galaxy.
  4. 9. This race which may be an offshoot of two of the other races in this puzzle was native to a tidally locked planet destroyed in 2387.
  5. 11. This race's homeworld was dominated by crystal formations, and wood was considered to be an offensive gift
  6. 13. The admission of this race's homeworld into the Federation was the subject of the Bable Conference of 2268.
  7. 15. This race's true appearance is unknown because no other humanoids can survive on the surface of their frozen homeworld
  8. 17. This race's homeworld was devastated in the last battle of the Dominion War
  9. 18. This race is from a planet that has an atmosphere that is nearly M-class but which possesses several exotic gasses they need to live, dispensed by a breathing apparatus.
  1. 1. This race with copper-based blood originates from an arid world orbiting 40 Eridani A.
  2. 3. This argumentative race's homeworld is in the 61 Cygni system.
  3. 5. This race's homeworld is located to the other of the two most important wormholes in the galaxy
  4. 6. This race's homeworld is unknown, but they resided on a rogue world in the Omarian Nebula until 2371
  5. 7. This race of warriors once had an energy production facility located on its largest moon, Praxis
  6. 9. This race is home to a paradise world kept in perfect tropical weather at all times, unless the weather control system malfunctions.
  7. 10. This telepathic race's homeworld was conquered by the Dominion in 2374
  8. 12. This race favors icy climates, like that of their homeworld, a moon in the Procyon system.
  9. 14. This heavily modified race's only remaining tie to their homeworld is a love of the rippleberry
  10. 16. This race is native to an area of space that overlaps Klingon and Federation space, though their true homeworld is disputed by various factions.