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The Avengers

  1. 3. Her cousin is the largest and most volatile of the avengers.
  2. 5. The vigilante straight out of time.
  3. 6. Member of the Eternals of Titan, and brother of a horrible villain.
  4. 11. The Avenger from WWII, preserved in ice.
  5. 13. Vigilante who acts as the moon's agent of vengence.
  6. 16. Were-woman, imbued with a spirit from a magical world underground.
  7. 18. The first Female Avenger.
  8. 20. Trained by SHIELD, she ended up helping to found the WCA.
  9. 21. A member of the military, she was made a hero by Kree magic.
  10. 23. Stark Industries' head of security, he too wears an iron suit.
  11. 24. The femme fatale soon to become an expert of the occult.
  12. 25. Spiritual adventurer who saved Hank Pym from taking his own life.
  1. 1. Able to control his own size, also know as Goliath and Ant Man
  2. 2. The Gamma Ray monster.
  3. 3. The reformed criminal who trained the archer.
  4. 4. The Crown prince of Wakanda.
  5. 7. The fastest man alive
  6. 8. The Celestial Madonna, trained upon earth by Monks.
  7. 9. The son of Zeus banished to earth for one whole year.
  8. 10. The mutant woman blessed with the power of the hex.
  9. 11. The Kree war hero sent to save earth.
  10. 12. The prince of Asgard.
  11. 13. The beautiful and mysterious bald bisexual.
  12. 14. Playboy, Millionaire and Weapons Manufacturer.
  13. 15. The expert Marksman with a million arrows.
  14. 17. The king of Atlantis, who once battled to destroy the Avengers.
  15. 19. The intelligent beast who soon became an X-Man.
  16. 22. A telepath and Monster hunter.
  17. 23. Originally a villain, he died and was resurrected a hero.
  18. 25. A streetwise social worker who worked alongside the first avenger.