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The Beach

  1. 6. Clothes you wear when you swim.
  2. 8. You can use it to ride the waves.
  3. 9. When your skin turns red after being in the sun.
  4. 10. When your skin turns brown after being in the sun.
  5. 12. A higher region of sand in the water.
  6. 14. The people on the beach who make sure you stay safe.
  7. 15. The land along the edge of the water.
  8. 16. Water curling into an arched form.
  9. 17. Cloth used to dry yourself after swimming.
  1. 1. A strong current of water which moves directly away from the shore.
  2. 2. Worn to protect your eyes from the sun's ultraviolet radiation.
  3. 3. Cream used to protect your skin from the sun's ultraviolet radiation.
  4. 4. A small structure made of sand.
  5. 5. Rise and fall of sea level.
  6. 7. Very fine rocks located on the shore and usually yellow in colour.
  7. 8. A tube to assist in breathing underwater.
  8. 11. A hard, colourful substance forming large reefs.
  9. 12. Found washed up on the shore in different sizes and colours.
  10. 13. A place you go to swim on the coast.