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The Beach

  1. 1. this sea creature has pincers and scuttles along the sand
  2. 6. these make a splash on the shore
  3. 8. this animal loves fetching a stick and getting wet
  4. 9. this tool is good for digging channels
  5. 11. this handy thing dries me off after a swim
  6. 13. lessons for this skill will help you be safe in the water
  7. 14. wear these to protect under water eyes
  1. 2. I like to play on my ______ board
  2. 3. useful for carrying water, sand or shells
  3. 4. this insect's bites will itch like mad!
  4. 5. also called swimmers or a bathing suit
  5. 7. this sea creature has five or six pointed legs
  6. 10. when you get your feet wet but don't swim
  7. 12. Mr _______ sells treats from his van