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The beach

  1. 2. A creation made by little kids on the beach with sand
  2. 7. An elevated walkway with shops, food, and games
  3. 9. A vessel that carries people on water
  4. 11. A blobby sea creature with no brain, heart, or blood
  5. 14. The people who protect everyone on the beach
  6. 15. Something used to dry yourself off or to lay on
  7. 16. a granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles
  1. 1. a large piece of fabric spread over a metal frame to provide shade
  2. 3. Marine invertebrate that are endangered
  3. 4. Dunes Hills formed by wind that carries the sand
  4. 5. Decapod crustaceans with about 6,793 species
  5. 6. trees Trees that are found in tropical areas
  6. 8. Things that are flown in the sky and rely on the wind to lift them
  7. 10. Something that once housed an aquatic animal and is commonly found washed up on the beach
  8. 12. a liquid that is vital for all human life
  9. 13. an aquatic mammal with a curved dorsal fin and elongated beak