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The Body

  1. 3. Substance made up of fatty acids.
  2. 4. ____________ Fiber can prevent constipation and colon disorders.
  3. 7. Consumption of this fat can lead to increase chance of heart disease.
  4. 9. This type of performance enhancement drug is dangerous and has harmful side effects, and are banned from many sports organizations.
  5. 10. the ___________ effect is a false sense of benefit felt by a patient caused by a psychological belief of a fake medicine.
  6. 13. On nutrition labels, nutrients are declared as __________ of the Daily Value in order to prevent misinterpretation.
  7. 19. educational tool that enables incorporating dietary guidelines into daily use.
  8. 21. Deeper ___________ requires more oxygen, and transports more oxygen to the body cells .
  9. 22. This specific mineral includes yogurt, cheese, milk, and tofu.
  10. 24. The ¨A¨ in FDA stands for ________________.
  11. 26. Type of disorder that means severe loss of appetite.
  12. 27. organic compounds that the body requires in small amounts but cannot manufacture.
  13. 28. A persons body will stay the same when energy ________ equals energy output.
  14. 29. The American _____ Association.
  15. 30. This specific selected vitamin includes whole grains, liver, egg, and yolk.
  1. 1. Anabolic ____________ relate to the male hormone and the selling of them were banned in 2004.
  2. 2. 10 nutrients that are essential are also known as _________ nutrients.
  3. 5. ____________ Fat is derived from plants.
  4. 6. A common sign of bulimia is ____________ problems.
  5. 8. The best way to find this is to determine the lean body weight and the percent body fat.
  6. 11. A unit of heat.
  7. 12. Examples of them are starch and sugar.
  8. 14. Energy ____________ is the total calories used for all activities over a given period of time.
  9. 15. The DRV suggests under 300mg of ______________.
  10. 16. Sum of all physical and chemical processes that take place. in the body
  11. 17. These supplements increase storage of PCr and give energy.
  12. 18. Substances that provide nourishment.
  13. 20. A type of disorder that describes binging on foods and then throwing it up or fasting in order to stay away from the fear of gaining weight.
  14. 23. This type of fiber is a material in food that resists digestion and adds bulk to diet.
  15. 25. This functions as the primary building blocks of the body.
  16. 26. The ¨aero¨ in aerobic stands for _______.