The Fine Art Room Crossword 1

  1. 1. The result of adding white to a colour
  2. 7. Surname of Abstract Expressionist artist known for his 'zips'
  3. 8. Another word for colour
  4. 12. Birthplace of British artist David Hockney
  5. 14. Technique of creating tone using straight lines
  6. 16. Term coined by art critic Harold Rosenberg in 1952 to describe non-easel painting that involved body gestures and movements (6,8)
  7. 17. First name of contemporary Japanese artist who married John Lennon
  8. 18. A drawn or painted line used to convey an edge of an object or space
  9. 19. A type of brush
  10. 20. Area of London home to a group of artists led by Walter Sickert
  1. 2. Surname of British artist whose portrait is on the new £20 note
  2. 3. Painting technique made by scratching into wet paint
  3. 4. Glue, chalk and pigment compound used to prime surfaces such as canvas or wood
  4. 5. Mark-making technique made by rubbing a surface
  5. 6. Type of line that appears to be receeding into a vanishing point
  6. 9. Mythical figure featured in Damien Hirst's 2008 sculpture, A Child's Dream
  7. 10. A key ingredient found in early forms of ink
  8. 11. Alternative word for rubber
  9. 13. Acrylic paint medium used to delay drying time
  10. 15. British city home to the Ashmolean Museum